Alpha Nursing Agency LTD offers recruitment, training, and induction services for caregivers and nurses; building up a pool from which it draws when hospital and company clinics need staff.


We provide auxiliary nurses on long and short term health services. Sometimes our patients need help in areas that are not medical in nature e.g. Meal preparation, etc. Alpha Nursing Agency personnel can shop, prepare meals and attend to light housekeeping. This allows those who live alone to remain independent. We help families maintain their lifestyle while assisting a loved one in need of care. We also offer emotional and medical support a patient needs. Our range of personnel spans from nurse aides, assistants to nurse (RNM) sisters.


Alpha Nursing Agency also partners with hospitals, nursing homes, HMOs and other facilities in providing supplementary staffing to reduce the cost of human resources. In times of emergencies, vacations, sick leaves; Alpha Nursing Agency staff are available to provide backup or supplemental services during such periods.


Business and insurance companies frequently require our staff nurses or need help while conducting special health programmes like annual physicals, medical examination, drug testing, health screening or immunization.


Our training center is designed to upgrade and adapt the caregivers on core competencies needed for the home care, health care and elderly care.